Tom Bulldrya Worksheet


This worksheet is based on a short (6 minute) animated video clip of a meeting between Tom Bulldrya (the boss of a washing detergent manufaturer) and his marketing team.  The video is hosted by Ed (from BusinessEd!) and includes an explainer video outlining the difference between the quantitative and qualitative data.

The video clip is exclusive to BusinessEd, and is not available elsewhere.  The worksheet consists of 5 questions all related to the content of the video.   A link to the video clip is provided on the worksheet for viewing online, and is free of adverts as it is not hosted on YouTube.  Purchasing the worksheet also gives access to the download link for the video clip, which means it can be used without relying on an internet connection.

Answers, Interactive PDF and Video Clip

You receive:

  • 1 x Editable Word version (.docx) of worksheet, consisting of 2 pages
  • 1 x Editable Word version (.docx) of worksheet with sample answers, consisting of 2 pages
  • 1 x Interactive PDF (.pdf) of worksheet that facilitates onscreen completion, consisting of 2 pages
  • 1 x Word document containing a link to download the video clip for offline viewing

Specification coverage:

  • OCR Cambridge National in Entreprise and Marketing (2017): R064 – LO 1.6
  • OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing (2022): Unit R067 – TA 2.4
  • OCR GCSE (9-1): Business 1 – 2.2
  • Edexcel GCSE (9-1):Theme 1 – 1.2.2