Spot the Data Difference Worksheet


This worksheet provides a range of secondary data and looks at the problems of interpreting and analysing data from different sources.  It involves the comparison of graphs to identify differences in the data, and is followed by a true or false activity based on interpretation of the provided data.  The data provided genuine and from reputable sources.

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You receive:

  • 1 x Editable Word version (.docx) of worksheet, consisting of 4 pages
  • 1 x Editable Word version (.docx) of worksheet with answers, consisting of 4 pages
  • 1 x Interactive PDF (.pdf) of worksheet that facilitates onscreen completion, consisting of 4 pages

Specification coverage:

  • Cambridge National In Entreprise and Marketing (2017): R064 – LO 1.6
  • OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise & Marketing (2022): Unit R067 – TA 2.3
  • OCR GCSE (9-1): Business 1 – 2.2
  • Edexcel GCSE (9-1):Theme 1 – 1.2.2