OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing: R067: Enterprise and Marketing Concepts PowerPoint Pack


A set of PowerPoints, delivered via 5 zipped files, that cover Unit R067 – Enterprise and Marketing Concepts – of OCR’s Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing  (2022 Specification – J837).  This is an externally examined unit.

This pack contains a total of  27 PowerPoint files, that together provide over 250 slides of high quality content that will save hours of work.

Each PowerPoint is directly mapped directly to sub-topic areas in the specification, and contains at least oneGet Thinking” starter activity, and at least one Discussion Topic” Activity.  There is also at least one suggested BusinessEd Worksheet in each PowerPoint!

This comprehensive pack even provides links to video clips exclusively produced by BusinessEd!

They are fully editable enabling additional case studies, class activities, starters or plenary activties to be added to suit your lessons.

Uniquely, you can see exactly what you are buying, since all of these theory notes can be seen under the “R067 – Enterprise and Marketing Concepts” slider here.  This means that your learners have free online access to the theory slides you use in the classroom.  No other provider gives you this!

You receive:

  • 5 x Zipped (.zip) files, each of which covers a Topic Area from the Specification

Specification coverage:

  • OCR Cambridge National in Enterprise and Marketing (J837- 2022 Specification): R067 – Enterprise and Marketing Concepts