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OCR Level 3 Cambridge Technical in Business (2016)

These theory notes have been written to meet the teaching content but they are NOT endorsed in any way by OCR

Please note that these resources are currently under development.  Resources for other units are planned

Unit 1 - The Business Environment


1.1.1: Business Activity HTML5 Version
1.1.2: Business Purpose HTML5 Version        
1.1.3a: Legal Structure HTML5 Version         
1.1.3b: Sole Traders HTML5 Version        
1.1.3c: Unincorporated Associations HTML5 Version        
1.1.3d: Partnerships HTML5 Version        
1.1.3e: Limited Companies HTML5 Version        
1.1.3f: Private Limited Companies HTML5 Version        
1.1.3g: Public Limited Companies HTML5 Version        
1.1.3h: State Owned Businesses HTML5 Version        
1.1.3i: Charities HTML5 Version        
1.1.3j: Community Interest Companies (CIC) HTML5 Version        
1.1.4: Appropriate Ownership HTML5 Version        
1.1.5: Business Aims and Objectives HTML5 Version        

Unit 2 - Working in Business

Under Development...

Unit 3 - Business Decisions

Under Development...

Unit 4 - Customers and Communication

Under Development...