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Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Business

These theory notes have been written to meet the teaching content but they are NOT endorsed in any way by Edexcel/Pearson

Please note that these resources are currently under development, and are being added section by section.  Theme 1 is now complete!

Theme 1 - Investigating Small Business

1.1: Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

1.1.1: The Dynamic Nature of Business HTML5 Version        
1.1.2: Risk and Reward HTML5 Version        
1.1.3: The Role of Business Enterprise HTML5 Version        

1.2: Spotting a Business Opportunity

1.2.1: Customer Needs HTML5 Version        
1.2.2: Market Research HTML5 Version        
1.2.3: Market Segmentation HTML5 Version        
1.2.4: The Competitive Environment HTML5 Version        


1.3: Putting a Business Idea Into Practice

1.3.1: Business Aims and Objectives HTML5 Version
1.3.2: Business Revenues, Costs and Profits HTML5 Version

1.3.3: Cash and Cash-flow

HTML5 Version

1.3.4: Sources of Business Finance

HTML5 Version


1.4: Making The Business Effective

1.4.1: The Options for Start-up and Small Businesses HTML5 Version        
1.4.2: Business Location HTML5 Version        
1.4.3: The Marketing Mix HTML5 Version        
1.4.4: Business Plans HTML5 Version        

1.5: Understanding External Influences on Business

1.5.1: Business Stakeholders HTML5 Version        
1.5.2: Technology and Business HTML5 Version        
1.5.3: Legislation and Business HTML5 Version        
1.5.4: The Economy and Business HTML5 Version        
1.5.5: External Influences HTML5 Version