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Edexcel AS Business Studies (2008)

The AS Theory Notes have been mapped across the 2008 Edexcel AS Business Studies specifications, by unit and then by section. 

Unit 1: Developing New Business Ideas

1.1: The Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

1.1.1: Characteristics of Entrepreneurs HTML5 Version
1.1.2: What Motivates Entrepreneurs HTML5 Version        
1.1.3: Leadership Styles HTML5 Version         

1.2: Identifying A Business Opportunity

1.2.1: What Makes a Market HTML5 Version        
1.2.2: What Should Firms Supply? HTML5 Version        
1.2.3: Identifying What Consumers Want or Need HTML5 Version        

1.3: Evaluating A Business Opportunity

1.3.1: Researching Demand for the Business Idea HTML5 Version        
1.3.2: Is There a Market for the Business Idea? HTML5 Version        
1.3.3: Positioning the Idea HTML5 Version        
1.3.4: Product Trial HTML5 Version        
1.3.5: Opportunity Costs of Business Ideas HTML5 Version         

1.4: Economic Considerations

1.4.1: Current Economic Climate HTML5 Version        

1.5: Financing The New Business Idea

1.5.1: Sources of Finance HTML5 Version        

1.6: Measuring The Potential Success Of A Business Idea

1.6.1: Sales Volume and Revenue HTML5 Version        
1.6.2: Business Costs HTML5 Version        
1.6.3: Profit and Contribution HTML5 Version        
1.6.4: Break-even Revenue Level HTML5 Version        
1.6.5: Profit and Loss Account HTML5 Version        
1.6.6: Measurement of Profit HTML5 Version        

1.7: Putting A Business Idea Into Practice

1.7.1: Creation of a Business Plan HTML5 Version